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Dimitris Spouras


Dimitris Spouras is a Greek conductor and clarinet player. In 2014, he won first prize at the National Greek Conducting Competition, leading the State Orchestra of Thessaloniki. He has also conducted many other ensembles, including the South Danish Philharmonic, the Stuttgart Philharmonic, the Arctic Philharmonic, the MAV Symphony Orchestra (Budapest), the Tampere Philharmonic, the State Orchestra of Athens, the Rousse Philharmonic Orchestra (Bulgaria), the Flemish Radio Choir, the Royal Norwegian Navy Band, and the Staff Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces.

In 2015, Dimitris co-founded Antwerpen Camerata while studying in Antwerp. He currently serves as both the Principal Conductor and Artistic Director of the orchestra. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with renowned musicians such as Eliane Rodrigues, Fabio Zanon, Wilfried Van den Brande, Hendrickje Van Kerckhove, Nadja Nevolovitsch, Peter Van De Velde, Sabrina Vlaskalic, Aaron Wajnberg, and Lola Totsiou.

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